Friday, April 28, 2006

Pity Party -- Row 26

I spent this morning in Sacramento for work and this afternoon in San Mateo for an Executive Committee meeting of the Junior Statesmen Foundation.

On my flight home tonight to LAX I was seated in the very last row of the airplane. As I slunk my way to Row 26 I consoled myself by thinking about the opportunity to tackle this giant stack of newspapers I was carrying onto the flight.

As soon as the plane took off my reading light went out. 150 seats on the plane and I have to be stuck in the one without a light. Every few minutes it would come on for about 45 seconds. Just long enough for me to pull up the newspaper, find the article I was reading, figure out where I left off and -- whamo -- it would go dark again!

As soon as we landed the light came on again for good. Great, a light on an airplane that doesn't work in the air.

I was the last person off the plane carrying my suitcase, briefcase, umbrella and four days worth of newspapers.

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