Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let's Blue Sky It

Spent today in Sacramento. It was an absolutely gorgeous Spring day. But now I'm too tired to put together some witty blog entry.

Since I spend my day writing my blog entry in my head as I go along -- here are some points of my day that I thought at the time would lead to a good blog entry:

1) My flight up to Sacramento was on-time but I sat next to a guy who was really stinky.

2) My flight from Sacramento home was nearly two hours late.

3) Before I flew home I watched the people get off the inbound aircraft that we were flying out on. One guy getting off the plane in Sacramento was in handcuffs and leg shackles being escorted by some sort of plainclothes law enforcement officers.

4) My late flight home was totally packed. Just before they closed the door in Sacramento this young guy (carrying a garbage bag for luggage) comes up and says he wants to get off the plane. They explain this is the last flight out of Sacramento and he'll have to wait until tomorrow to get on another. He still wants to get off. They explain he'll have to pay a $100 change fee to use his ticket tomorrow. He still wants to get off. So they let him off (after confirming he didn't have any checked luggage) and once he was in the jetway he decided he wanted to get back on. They wouldn't let him back on. Fine by me. Keep the train moving.

5) It was really creepy reading the Flight 93 cockpit recorder transcripts released yesterday while flying on an airplane. My heart goes out to all the heroes on that flight -- passengers and crew alike.

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