Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'd Better Write Something

Last night I went to see "Seminar" starring Jeff Goldblum at the Ahmanson Theater and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It's an interesting play about writers and their fragile egos.  Goldblum, with his bizarre cadence, has become a caricature of himself.  But his comic timing is impressive and the entire cast of five is very strong.

I suppose I should write more but writing about what's been written about writers seems a little intimidating.
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Top Drawer

Had an excellent lunch on Thursday at the newly remodeled Spago.  The new look is timeless, sleek and modern.  The food and service remain outstanding.  I even found Wolfgang Puck walking through the dining room saying hello to customers.  (He's in the rear of the photo in a white smock with his back to the camera.)
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