Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deli Disappointment

KTLA Channel 5 recently published a list of the Best Delis in the Los Angeles area. I've been to several but there were many on the list that were new to me.

And there's nothing I like better than working my way through a list.

Last Tuesday I had a chance to visit Roscoe's Deli in Fullerton -- on the list in the "Alternative Deli" section.

Can't imagine I'll ever visit again. It's really a large bar with a small, limited deli counter. I ordered the Reuben sandwich and was really bummed to find out the sandwich wasn't even grilled. They don't have a grill. But they offered to "toast" my bread next time.

Don't think so.
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Yes, the setting at Roscoe's is festive. But it's not the deli atmosphere I was expecting.
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stopped Short

I had a lovely visit this afternoon with my high school buddy John Dunbar, who was visiting from San Francisco.

We met up at "Short Order," famed restaurateurs Nancy Silverton and Amy Pressman's new upscale fast-food restaurant at the Original Farmer's Market at Third and Fairfax.

Short Order
opened a couple of months ago and has received lots of attention. Have to say I was disappointed. It's overpriced. The portions are small. The menu is limited and the fries were terrible. For $6.75 the malt should be bigger than Sampler size.

The setting -- both inside and outside -- is lovely and the hamburger was tasty. But I can't imagine every going back.
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Also stopped by Nancy Silverton's new bakery store at the Farmer's Market, "Short Cake." Wow! Really good selection of goodies and the two items I tried were both outstanding.
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