Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hit 'em with the Seltzer

Had lunch today at The Friars of Beverly Hills -- the private comedians club famous for their celebrity roasts. The Beverly Hills Friars was founded by Milton Berle and the club's walls are covered with portraits of famous comedians who were members.

With an aging and declining membership, the club recently opened its doors to the public for lunch and dinner.

The food was excellent and the collection of characters around the club made it seem like we had time-traveled to the Catskills.

I pointed out one guy in the dining room to my colleague, Rochelle Lewis, and told her he had to be Buddy Hackett's son. He looked like a chip off the old block. So as he was leaving Rochelle asked him if he was related to Buddy Hackett. The guy got a big smile on his face and said he wasn't, but he welcomed the question. I guess in the world of the Friars it's the same as a guy stopping you on the street and asking if your Brad Pitt's brother.
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