Thursday, April 06, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Flew home from Sacramento tonight -- finally had a flight this week that was smooth. But one of the teenage girls onboard still dropped the F-Bomb when the landing gear made a loud noise as we were getting ready to land at LAX.

Normally that really bugs me, but I think in this case it was just a genuine reaction -- the wheelwell doors on the Regional Jets really are startlingly loud when they open.

Had a nice lunch today with longtime friend Debby Rogers at "Chops" -- a relatively new "power" restaurant near the State Capitol Building. We had a lot of fun talking about my blog -- (at least I did!)

Before my flight I had a chance to see "V for Vendetta" -- Natalie Portman's new movie. I thought it was pretty good, for a movie based on a comic book.

Sometime in the future, a British totalitarian, Orwellian government is threatened by a mask-wearing, Shakespeare quoting, state-branded "terrorist."

I was pretty startled by the ending -- but I stopped myself from dropping an F-Bomb of my own.

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