Monday, April 10, 2006

It's All About The Cheese

"Thank You For Smoking" is a MUST SEE movie for anyone involved in politics or issue advocacy.

Aaron Eckhart plays the tobacco lobby's slickest spokesperson -- just try and hate him.

He hangs out with his best friends -- an alcohol industry lobbyist and a gun industry lobbyist. They refer to themselves as the MOD Squad (Merchants of Death).

William H. Macy does a great turn as a do-gooder Senator from Vermont -- Where the cheddar is better!

This movie proves that Americans love the art of spin -- even when they know they're being spun.

It's no different today than at the turn of the century when Americans were delighted to be tricked by P.T. Barnum. They'd follow his signs for "This Way to the Egress" and find themselves on the outside of the exhibition. (They wouldn't complain -- they'd urge their friends to be sure and not miss seeing the egress for themselves.)

The scoundrel remains America's Number One Hero!

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