Friday, November 11, 2005

Trojan Nation Invades Frisco

I know you're not supposed to call it "Frisco." But my Uncle Alfred Fliegner lived in Oakland most of his adult life, and he always called it "Frisco." So if it worked for Uncle Alfred, it works for me.

I'm spending the weekend in San Francisco and attending tomorrow's USC vs. Cal football game in Berkeley. The Trojans have won 31 consecutive games. The last time they lost was when they played Cal in Berkeley -- two years ago. (They lost in triple overtime by 3 points.) So it's time for a little revenge.

The Trojans play in the Bay Area once a year -- alternating between Cal and Stanford. The Bay Area Weekender is always a favorite trip for Trojan fans. With how great the Trojans are playing right now, I think a LOT of Trojans are making the trip this weekend. The streets downtown are filled with Trojan fans.

Earlier this evening USC took over Union Square for a Pep Rally. Thousands of Trojans were on hand.
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