Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I woke up this morning in New Jersey. Fortunately, that was the plan.

But let me go back to yesterday.

I had all the logistics carefully worked out for my trip to New York City this weekend. My only worry was what would happen if I showed up at the parking lot I use at LAX and it was already full from holiday travelers?

The Parking Spot offers a reservation service, but I didn't want to pay the five dollar fee and since they charge your credit card in advance I wasn't sure how to use the discount coupon I planned to use. So I decided to take my chances -- but it kept nagging on my brain.

Last night before catching my red-eye United flight I stopped by The Grove for some last minute shopping. As I was leaving one of the parking attendants got on the elevator with me. She looked vaguely familiar. She asked me if I park at The Parking Spot. It was then that I realized she was a Parking Spot cashier that I've seen a number of times. Turns out she works at both The Parking Spot and The Grove. And she's getting married in January. (We covered all this in the time it took to get from the Ground Floor to the Second Floor, by the way.)

I asked her if she thought The Parking Spot would be full when I got there later that evening. She assured my I would be OK -- the problem would be for people arriving today. And sure enough, I parked my car with no problem.

Checking in for my flight, the ticket agent told me my upgrade had not cleared. I asked if I still had a chance at getting the upgrade. He explained that I was Number Four on the list -- but there was only one First Class seat left.

When I got to the gate I asked again if I had a shot at upgrading and was told First Class was full. So I settled into my coach seat and prepared to fly cross country overnight in Row 10.

Just before departure time another passenger came up to my seat like he was going to sit there. He was quickly followed by a United agent who explained I was being moved to the first row. I didn't argue.

So I think the signs are pointing towards a fun weekend in New York City. I'll just ignore the fact that it's 28 degrees out.
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