Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tonight I went to see "Corteo" -- the new Cirque du Soleil show that had it's World Premiere last night here in San Francisco. The show runs in the Grand Chapiteau at SBC Park.

This was easily the best Cirque tent show I've ever seen. It's designed like a 19th century Italian circus. Unlike other Cirque show that are otherworldy, this one is beautiful in its simplicity.

Like all good circuses, "Corteo" includes a ringmaster, two older male and female midgets and a real-life giant.

The most amazing moment was when the female midget came out tethered to giant helium balloons. They were perfectly calibrated so that she would float, slowly raising and falling. Held aloft by her feet, she was pushed out over the audience. Up she went and then as she came down folks would reach up and push her back up by her feet. I just sat there with my mouth agape. Posted by Picasa

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