Friday, November 25, 2005

Had a nice visit with the best Washroom Attendant in America at the 21 Club. He told me a couple of interesting stories.

1) When the Wright Brothers first flew someone said to them, "If God meant for Man to fly, God would have given us wings." And the Wright Brothers replied, "If God didn't intend for Man to fly, why did he make the Earth so beautiful from up there?"

2) Thomas Edison tried 500 times to make a light bulb that would work. Someone asked him, "So you failed 500 times?" And Edison replied, "No, I didn't fail. I discovered 500 different ways to make a light bulb that doesn't work."

He also showed me cufflinks that First Lady Nancy Reagan recently gave him. He explained that he voted for Bush and has been making excuses for it ever since. But he also voted for President Reagan and never felt the need to rationalize it. Posted by Picasa

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