Monday, March 31, 2008

The Dodgers moved to Los Angeles 50 years ago -- 1958. To mark the milestone the Dodgers had a goosebump inducing pre-game ceremony. Around 40 of the greatest living Dodgers from the past 50 years were invited to the stadium today. One by one each man emerged from either the left or right field bullpens or the center field gate and walked to the position they famously played.

No announcements were made -- simply their name and a photo from their playing days were shown on the Jumbotron. And the crowd reacted.

Duke Snider (photo above) was the first to come out. Snider, who was on the Opening Day roster in 1958, slowly walked to center field. For the longest time no other players joined him in center field. As the other positions filled, Snider remained alone in center field.

It was very poignant.
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