Saturday, March 08, 2008

Back to Hollywood

Went back to Hollywood tonight to another small theater. This time I showed up on time.

Saw "The Erikson Report" at the McCadden Theater by second-time playwright Adrian Bewley.

The show is about a Republican candidate for Vice President facing a personal crisis.

On one hand I admire anyone who can write a play, star in a play and actually mount a play.

And while there were some funny lines and interesting situations, this play just didn't hold together for me. Part of the problem is in how the story is told -- shifting back and forth in time in a confusing manner. And part of it is absurdity of the premise.

But still, hats off to Adrian Bewley -- -- for putting himself out there.

I thought of my friend, Roger Noriega, when the lead actress perfectly executed an on-stage spit take. Roger always thought the spit take was the height of comedy styling. The impeccable timing and admirable quantity of this one would have impressed him.
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