Monday, March 10, 2008

Same Story, Different Tune

It's hard to imagine why there are two versions of the Leopold & Loeb story -- one a play and one a musical -- running at the same time in Hollywood almost directly across the street from each other, but there are.

Last weekend I saw the new play written by Daniel Henning. Tonight I saw the musical "Thrill Me -- The Leopold & Loeb Story," written by Stephen Dolginoff at the Hudson Guild Theater.

Though it may not be fair to compare the two shows, how can you not? Why the play provides more factual tidbits, the musical packs more emotional wallop.

A two man musical, Stewart W. Calhoun and Alex Schemmer both impress with their singing, acting and ability to convey emotion.

At a crisp, intermission-less 80 minutes "Thrill Me" moves at a brisk pace telling the story of two "thrill" killers who captivated America in the 1920s.
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