Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday night I went to see a new play, "Secrets of the Trade" by Jonathan Tolins ("The Twilight of the Golds" and "The Last Sunday in June"). It's about a precocious 16 year-old theater fanatic who writes a famous theater director and ultimately gets to know the man. The play insightfully examines that time in life when children leave their parental adoration behind and chart their own path in life. It's beautifully written and very touching.

John Glover is most impressive as the theater impresario "Martin Kerner."

The show is running at the tiny Black Dahlia Theater -- with just 35 seats. The theater is so small you actually enter through the gift shop next door (photo above).

Celebrity Sighting: Spotted both Tony Shaloub and Chad Allen in the audience. That's a pretty high celebrity quotient since there are only 35 seats.
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