Monday, March 03, 2008

Meeting Natalie

"The Band's Visit" is a touching film about a police band from Egypt lost in Israel. The Jewish townfolk, though suspicious of Arabs in their midst, take them in and help them sort out their dilemma. And everyone's mind is changed just a little bit in the process.

Sure seems like this Israeli movie should have been nominated for a Best Foreign Language Oscar. But it was cheated by the rules. In the movie, since the Israelis and the Egyptians don't share a common language, they only way they can talk to each other is in English. And they talked to each other so much the film didn't qualify as a "foreign language" film. That's just plain dumb.

Earlier today as I was leaving the gym (yes, I really went), a woman riding a stationary bike stopped me and asked if I worked on the Survivor TV show. It took me a second to realize she was asking me because I was wearing a t-shirt from an old campaign with a fake "Survivor" logo as a joke. When I explained my t-shirt she told me she was "Natalie" and she was currently on "Survivor."

I wished her luck, which probably made no sense since whatever happened to her on "the island" was already in the can. But that was better than the alternative -- telling her I've never watched a minute of any "Survivor" show.

But I looked her up on line and there she was:
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