Saturday, March 01, 2008

Please Standby

Went to the Celebration Theater tonight to see their attention-grabbing production of "Stupid Kids." With echoes of the movie "A Rebel Without a Cause" this play is about high school outcasts making their way through the swirling storm of adolescence. All four members of the cast are very strong performers and the briskly paced show includes enjoyable choreography and music.

A couple Saturdays ago on the way out of the Joan Rivers show "A Life in Progress" I noted the program listed an understudy for Joan Rivers. I commented to my guest, Kelly Presta, I couldn't imagine how that would work.

A few days later L.A. Weekly ran an article describing what it's like to understudy for Joan Rivers:

And guess who I spotted in the audience tonight? Maia Madison, aka Joan Rivers' understudy (photo above). We had a delightful chat after the show. She explained the Rivers show isn't running for a few days at the Geffen Playhouse because Rivers had a long standing commitment to do a gig with Don Rickles in Florida. (Can you imagine seeing Rivers and Rickles at the same time? Too much fun.)

But Rivers will be back on stage here next week and Madison will be backstage ready to go on if needed.
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