Thursday, March 13, 2008

Early Arrival

Went back to the Fountain Theater tonight, the theater where I was excluded from the audience last week because I was four minutes late. At least they have a sign up now in the Box Office window.

It was certainly worth the effort to see the U.S. Premiere production of Athol Fugard's "Victory." I know of no other contemporary playwright who can write about race relations with as much insight as Fugard.

"Victory" is about two young Africans who break into the home of an older white man. Fourteen years after Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa's fledgling democracy in 1994, this story points out that while some progress has been made there is much yet to be accomplished.

As Fugard writes in the program notes, "My subject has always been the desperate individual, and, tragically, there are more than enough of them in the new South Africa."

I wasn't very happy last week when they wouldn't seat me a little late, but now that I've been on the inside I understand why. The audience enters through the front side of the auditorium right along the stage. And the show begins with a very dark stage as a home is broken into. There really would be no way to enter unobtrusively.

I kept a close eye on my watch tonight. Sure enough, they cranked up the show right at 8:04 p.m. I'd been in my seat for 15 minutes by then this time.
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