Monday, March 31, 2008

Cupcakes or Clinton?

I hope you like this photo of Dodgers cupcakes. It cost me $20 to take it.

Today was Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. I've given up my season tickets this year, but after going to Opening Day for 17 consecutive years I still wanted to go today.

So GeezBob and I bought a couple of tickets on StubHub and enjoyed an afternoon at the ballpark.

I'm glad we went today but I really think I have no interest in going to any other Dodger games this season. The air is out of the balloon for me.

As for the cupcakes, I saw them at the new Mrs. Beasley's stand at Dodger Stadium and thought they'd make a fun picture -- even if they charged $10 for 2 cupcakes. (OK, $9.75.)

I took them back to the seats and promptly dropped both of them trying to open the plastic container.

But once I have an idea I'm captive to it. So I went back and bought two more. Fortunately, I photographed them without dropping the second pair.

The cupcakes were good, but certainly not worth $20. Probably not worth $10. But a good photo on my blog -- priceless!
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