Sunday, May 22, 2005

There's Always Room for Pie

This afternoon's Dodgers vs. Angels game was quite the overheated affair. The gametime temperature was somewhere in the 90s. Our seats were in the sun for the first two and a half hours -- so I was Sweatin' to the Oldies throughout the game.

I saw Stadium Medical Personnel carrying out one fan (dressed in Angel gear) suffering from heatstroke. They weren't "helping" him out, two of them were "carrying" him out. That was a little scary to see.

And speaking of alcohol, another crazy fan ran onto the field during the sixth inning. They're all stupid for doing it -- but I don't know what this guy was thinking. He was a little "out of shape," shall we say. He entered the field on the left field side and was out of breath before he even got to the Left Fielder. About six security guards surrounded him and threw him to the ground before handcuffing him. The crowd, with a typical mob mentality, cheered him on like he was our leader, striking a blow for the little guy. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the over-excited security guards struck a blow or two in the parking lot out of the view of the fans. Now that's something I could cheer.

On a much more highbrow note, tonight I saw Noel Coward's "Private Lives" at the Pasadena Playhouse. When this vedy, vedy British play debuted in 1930 Noel Coward played the lead role and Laurence Olivier played the supporting male role. It's the delightful tale of a bickering couple with lots of opportunities for witty zings back and forth. The arguing even gets a little physical and the male and female leads did a good job throwing each other around on the stage. The notes mentioned that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton played the lead roles at one point. I'm not sure if that was on stage or in the movie. I'm sure they handled the drinking scenes quite well.

Before the show my friend, Michael Self, and I had dinner at the venerable Pie 'n Burger in Pasadena. A classic dive with one of the best burgers around. That's Michael's rhubarb pie you see above. I had pumpkin -- but it didn't photograph as beautifully.
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