Monday, May 16, 2005

A Few Choice Words

I wanted to cuss all night long!

It has taken 15 long seasons for our Dodger Season Ticket Group to get to our current seats on Aisle 39 of the Field Level.

Tonight I found out the family with tickets in the row directly in front of us has only had season tickets for three seasons.

Last season the guy sitting directly behind us was a first year season ticket holder. This year he's sitting on Aisle 37. He knows the new Dodger Senior Vice President for Public Affairs.

There's a guy, most famous for waving a license plate at USC football games that reads "SC SYCHO," who sat directly in front of us in the early 1990s. He's now sitting on Aisle 35!

And the Marlins beat the Dodgers 6 to 2 tonight. Yesterday the Dodgers started the day in first place -- now after losing twice they are firmly in third place.

But Rule No. 4 of the Dodger Fan Code of Conduct -- highlighted on the zipper board above -- kept my potty mouth in check.
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