Monday, May 30, 2005

Return to Normalcy

Drove home from Las Vegas today. The worst traffic was a several miles long back up in Victorville caused by a "Sky Screamer" ride alongside the freeway at a Miniature Golf Course -- ironically located just down the road from where my Grandparents used to live. The LookieLoos just couldn't avoid slowing down to look at the kids at the very top kicking their feet and having a grand ole time at the very top of this ride, way above the ground. There were two boys and a little girl in the top car when I went by -- not that I slowed down to look!

Made it home in time for the Dodgers game tonight. They lost 5 to 3 to the Cubs.

Another crazy fan ran on the field during the sixth inning. This guy's "signature move" was to run across the field waving a Dodgers flag and then to stick it in the ground in the outfield before trying to run some more. Like always, the situation ended the same with his face in the grass and his hands in handcuffs. Have a nice night in Dodger jail, buddy.

In honor of Memorial Day an F-15 Fighter Jet flew overhead at the conclusion of the National Anthem. The sound was very intense as was the fire coming out the back of the jet. Two little kids right behind me burst into tears. I refrained from whipping around to take their photos and I was too lame to get a picture of the jet flying just over Dodger Stadium.
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Tessenei said...

Your dad and I will be at the Cubs game on Wednesday with a die-hard Cubs fan from Chicago. Maybe we'll have to cheer for both teams.....

ImTedGreen said...

There were lots of Cubs fans there Monday night. I'm sure the same will be true on Wednesday. Have fun!