Sunday, May 22, 2005

Party On, Munchkin

Had a nice afternoon in Culver City today. Saw the World Premiere of Chay Yew's new play "A Distant Shore" at the Kirk Douglas Theater. It's a good play about colonialism and the tension between East and West.

Lunch beforehand was at the S & W Country Diner (pictured above) next door to the theater.

My friend from New York City, Cliff Smith, joined GeezBob and me for lunch. I tried to impress on him the historical importance of Culver City to the movie industry. He didn't seem too impressed when I pointed out the hotel where the Munchkins stayed (and famously partied) while filming "The Wizard of Oz" at MGM Studios.
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jimsivesind said...

Said the Munchkin Coroner: "As Coroner, I must confer. I thoroughly examined her. And she's not only merely dead. She's really most sincerely dead." Replies the Mayor of Munchkin Land: "Then this is a day of independence, for all the Munchkins and their descendents, if any." Apparently, the Munchkin descendents do not live on in Culver City.