Monday, May 23, 2005

A Scene Stealer

Had a chance to see "Monster-In-Law" tonight. Jay Fo was outstanding. Funny, believable and a great job. Jay Lo, on the other hand, was a complete dud. Boring and non-expressive -- reminded me of watching a cardboard box act.

Wanda Sykes (Wan Sy?) is very funny as the back-talking, double-taking assistant who always gets the final word.

But Elaine Stritch steals the movie with her cameo appearance as the Monster-in-Law's Monster-in-Law. Ja Fo is over the top and Stritchie outdoes her in a bravura screen appearance.

(After seeing Noel Coward's play Saturday night I was telling my friend, Michael Self, about Elaine Stritch's Noel Coward stories in her one-woman show. She impersonates him and the way he used to call her, "Striiitchiiieee!" So it was a fun surprise to see her showing up in this picture.)

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