Monday, May 30, 2005

Positive Buzz

"La Reve" -- a small collection of imperfect dreams -- is the new show at Steve Wynn's new hotel resort, Wynn Las Vegas.

Much like Cirque du Soleil's "O," "La Reve" is built around a pool of water with a submersible stage. "O" is more spectacular. But "La Reve" is more intimate. The auditorium completely surrounds the pool and no seat is more that 40 feet away.

I sat in the third row. They gave the customers in the first row courtesy blankets to protect themselves from splashes. I didn't get splashed, but I got to watch the first row duck under cover whenever a performer jumped in or out of the water.

This show is designed by Francisco Dragone, who designed "O" and "Mystere" -- two of the three Cirque shows running in Vegas.

"La Reve's" music is more pop oriented then the score to other Cirque shows.

Steve Wynn spent $2.7 billion building his resort -- and every dollars shows. What a Show Palace! Stunning lobby, beautiful casino and a gorgeous shopping mall. (By the way, there's been lots of press about the "Ferrari Car Dealership" inside the hotel. What they don't tell you is you have to buy a $10 ticket to get inside. Not sure if they credit that towards your purchase price.)

So far "La Reve" is only running one show a night. The Cirque shows run twice a night, 12 performances a week. Without the "Cirque" name "La Reve" isn't selling enough tickets yet to justify more than 5 performances a week.

I think that will change as the good word of mouth spreads.
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