Thursday, May 26, 2005

Kingdom of Boredom

In my effort to see every summer blockbuster at the Bijou -- flop or not -- tonight I saw "Kingdom of Heaven." Boring with a capital "B."

I'm sure the battle between Christians and Muslims for Jerusalem was interesting in 1183 -- and remains so today -- but it sure makes for a lackluster movie. Some of the battle scenes were pretty spectacular -- but that's about all I can say good about this picture.

This weekend I'm off to Las Vegas. I was a little chagrined to learn Vegas is the Number One tourist destination in America this weekend -- but no city handles a crowd like Las Vegas. I'm planning on blogging over the weekend -- but it can be a little tough to find an internet connection. The way the casinos look at it is: any time you spend in your hotel room is time your not spending money (or gambling) outside of it.

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