Sunday, January 23, 2005

Entrances and Exits

Last night I went to the midnight show of the Lido de Paris on the Champs Elysees. High Frommage!

It was a good, but I remember being more impressed with the show at the Moulin Rouge a couple of years ago.

But the Lido certainly puts the word "variety" in it's variety acts -- trained horse, ice skaters, adagio dancer, contortionist on a trapese and a balancing gymnast. All this in between elaborate dance scenes.

At one point I had a little sneezing attack. Not sure if it was the feathers on the costumes or the horse dander.

Unfortunately, the lead singer's voice wasn't very strong. Near the end they played a recording of Edith Piaf -- which didn't help the lead singer's case any. Josephine Baker performed at the Lido back in the day. Now that must have been a performance.

But the lead singer started the show by entering in a blue feathered clamshell that came down from the ceiling. So it wasn't all bad. She also made an appearance from a miniature airplane that landed on stage.

It was tough getting a cab after the show. It was pouring rain and the Metro had shut down -- so lots of folks were competing for the few available cabs. I finally got to one as some others people were getting out of it. But the driver didn't want to go in the direction of my hotel. He said he was trying to go home in the opposite direction because he was tired. I begged and finally told him my Grandfather was in the invasion at Normandy Beach and he should return the favor by letting me in. That worked.

Today I'm off to London via the Eurostar train through the chunnel. Cheerio!

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