Friday, January 21, 2005

Back in Business

"Do your rooms have high-speed internet access?"
"You'll find a cable on the desk in your room."

"Do you have an electricity converter?"
"But of course!"

I'm happily back at a real hotel -- the Hilton Paris La Defense. This appears to be a commercial complex -- something akin to Century City. But there's an underground stop right outside the hotel's door -- so I can easily get to any part of the City of Lights I want to go to.

But first I wanted to post some photos from Florence and Rome. The photo above is me in Rome at St. Peter's Square in front of the Basilica. (Actually technically the Vatican is its own Nation/State surrounded by Rome.) Some other photos follow.

Both of my Lufthansa flights today ended with a really hard landing and the pilot slamming on the brakes. Auchtung! Its like they want to make sure you are clear the plane is on the ground.

I had a great cab ride from the airport. The driver had some really great French jazz music on the radio. It was a perfect welcome. And now that I've had my internet fix, I'm going to go explore Paris.

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