Monday, February 20, 2006

Sell It!

Had lunch today with GeezBob at Goodfellas on Melrose in Hollywood.

It's a pretty good Italian restaurant with a "mob" theme -- photos of John Gotti and black fedoras on the wall, mob puns on the menu, etc.

The restaurant used to be run by a hard working real-life Italian family but now it's "under new management." The food is still good, but the waitstaff is obnoxious and the loud rap music has got to go!

Afterwards we caught "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada" at the ArcLight Theater

Three Burials is a new movie starring and directed by Tommy Lee Jones. It's an interesting, quirky movie about a cowboy who befriends an illegal immigrant and promises to return the immigrant's body to Mexico should he die north of the Rio Grande. Barry Pepper plays an out-of-control Border Patrol Officer who is forced by Jones to assist in returning the corpse to Mexico after the inevitable death. (If someone in a movie ever brings up what will happen when they die you know that character is going to die.)

The usher/greeters at the ArcLight Theater always give a little speech before each movie pointing out the exits, asking that the audience switch off their phones and pointing out how important sound and picture quality is to ArcLight. Today's usher/greeter's speech was notable for it's dramatic flair -- especially for the flourish in his pronunciation of "Melquiades Estrada" in the title of the picture.
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jimsivesind said...

Dude, we already got our tickets. You don't have to sell us on the excellence of the sound system.