Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Glamour Delay

Went to an interesting screening tonight at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard of a documentary called "Flag Wars."

It's about the gentrification of a rundown neighborhood on the eastside of Columbus, Ohio. This predominantly black part of town sees an influx of white yuppies attracted by the beautiful, large homes -- at bargain prices -- in need of major repair. Change is never easy -- for everyone involved.

I nearly missed the start of the film because traffic was all messed up on Hollywood Boulevard by the premiere at the El Capitan Theater (where Richard Nixon delivered his famous "Checkers" speech) of a new movie called "The Seat Filler." I don't know a thing about this movie -- but how much do you want to bet it's about a famous star who meets and falls in love with his/her seat filler at some awards show?

Somehow, I don't think I'll be filling a seat to see that one. Well, maybe if they send a stretch Hummer to get me.
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