Monday, February 27, 2006

Not In the Top Ten

With the Hilter's war machine stalled on the eastern front in Stalingrad and the Allies closing in in February of 1943, the Nazi police stepped up their efforts to squash any dissenting voices at home.

"Sophie Scholl -- The Final Days" -- a German-made move nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar tells the true story of a college student, Sophie Scholl, who along with her brother and another student was arrested and executed for high treason for organizing the student dissident group, White Rose.

Based on recently found interrogation transcripts held in Soviet files for the last six decades, this movie is an emotionally harrowing look at the four days between Scholl's arrest (for distributing leaflets) and her expedited encounter with a guillotine.

By the way, the ghostly image of me taking a picture doesn't appear in all the slicks for this movie.

There was quite a hullabaloo today over the fact that of the Top Ten Movies at the box office the weekend before the Oscars NONE are nominated for Best Picture. None! I, for one, am doing my part, but I accept there will always be a different between the People's Choice Awards and the Academy Awards.

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