Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Highly Personalized

Race relations seems to be the emerging theme of the week.

Tonight I went to see "Something New" -- a new movie about an African-American woman who falls in love with a white guy and is faced with explaining to her family and friends why she's decided to "go skiing."

Somehow she's gone off course in searching for her I.B.M. (Ideal Black Man).

It's a fun movie, with a light look at a serious issue and a very sassy script.

Alfrie Woodard does a great job as the mother not to happy about her daughter "crossing over to the OC."

But the most amazing thing when I saw it tonight was that it begins with an alarm clock going off. Then the radio announcer said, "Good morning. Today is February 14th, my favorite day of the year -- Valentine's Day."

How in the world do they customize the film so that it's accurate every day?

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