Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Crisis Averted

Last night as I sat down to blog my laptop had a collision with a bowl of cereal. Uh-oh. Talk about crying over spilled milk. I did my best to clean it up as quickly as possible but it was obvious I had a serious problem on my hands.

When I pushed certain keys other letters registered on the screen. The backspace didn't work. I thought I'd try the universal computer problem solver -- reboot. But instead of rebooting my laptop just made this loud alarm noise. Not good.

I figured it just needed to dry out. So I tried again first thing this morning and that alarm noise only went off for a second and then it did come on. But it just kept typing "g." Like this:gggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Not gggggggggggggggood.

Fortunately my crack office manager, Jim Kieffer, rode to the rescue. He took my laptop apart and determined I had shorted out the keyboard but everything else (including my hard drive) was OK. Total cost to order a new keyboard and get it shipped overnight: $35.

Trust me -- I spent a very sleepless night last night expecting much worse. In the meantime I'm using a gigantic keyboard attached to the back of my laptop. Very retro. And the laptop itself is working like normal.

Last night I had planned to write about seeing "Annapolis," the new James Franco movie about the worst plebe at the Naval Academy who finds his true grit in the boxing ring. It was all pretty predictable but an enjoyable two hours of mindless entertainment.

Tonight I went to see Queen Latifah's new movie "Last Holiday," about a woman given a surprise diagnosis of three weeks to live who decides to blow all of her money and live out her fantasies. This movie was better than I expected. Latifah is always very watchable on screen and she's surrounded by a fun cast of characters here.

Ggggggggood night.

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