Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Signature Pursuit

Since the Academy Award nomination came out this morning, I'm back on the hunt to see every movie nominated. Actually, this morning's announcement didn't really add that many movies for me to see -- I've already seen most of the nominated films. But I still have a few to go and see.

Tonight I went to see "The New World" which is nominated for Achievement in Cinematography. It was excruciatingly boring! It's about the establishment of a British colony -- Jamestown, Virginia -- in 1607 and Captain John Smith's relationship with "the naturals" (which is how they refer to Native Americans in the movie). I was so happy when it was over -- but it's true the cinematography is beautiful.

I spent this afternoon at a public meeting on climate change at the Ronald Reagan State Office Building in downtown Los Angeles. Rosario Marin -- who served as the second President Bush's first United States Treasurer -- and just today was appointed by the Governor to be Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency -- was a participant in the meeting. As soon as she came in I checked my pocket and was delighted to find a fairly crisp dollar bill with her signature printed on it. After the meeting I asked her to autograph the dollar and she couldn't have been kinder about doing so. Now I have to get it framed....
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