Saturday, January 14, 2006


Went to see "The Matador" last night and loved it. Pierce Brosnan, in his first post-James Bond role, plays a burned out assassin and Greg Kinnear plays a square-as-can-be salesman fascinated by the hit-man he meets in a hotel lobby.

It's really a very fun and stylish buddy movie. Set all around the world, the first several minutes are filmed in Mexico City -- making it look like a lovely and fascinating city to visit.

Brosnan, in a Golden Globe nominated performance, really impresses in a very anti-Bond role. He looks and seems very much the killer who can quite pull it together. And I loved his reaction when Kinnear, first getting to know him in a hotel bar, asks if he's a spy!

I guess the conversion of movie theaters into living rooms was completed when the woman sitting next to me slipped off her shoes and applied lotion to her feet while the movie was on. And then about 20 minutes after her beauty treatment she left. Whatever!
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Tessenei said...

OMG The foot-lotion lady is too weird. How would we ever keep up with the latest trends in movie going without your blog.