Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fade to Black

Saw a nearly forgettable show called "Naked Deception" tonight at the Studio Stage on Western Avenue in Hollywood.

It's a story about three couples whose domestic bliss is interrupted by a scheming houseguest.

What kept it from being totally forgettable was a theatrical disaster. During the second act the lights started to flicker and dim and finally completely went out while the show was running. The actors gamely made a joke about "not paying the power bill" and went on with their dialogue in the dark. Soon the lights came on and everything seemed fine. Then it happened again! And again. Finally -- with the show still running -- they turned on the fluorescent lights they usually use to clean the floors.

Of course the actors looked terrible under the harsh light -- you could see every layer of make-up. But at least you could see them.

Then -- with the show still running -- they tried to get the lighting back to normal and turned off the fluorescent lights. And, of course, after a few minutes they went out again. They finally finished the show under the harsh glare of fluorescence.

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