Friday, January 20, 2006

Day and Night

Today started early at a breakfast where Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez was the guest speaker. He gave a good speech and rose to the occasion, notable at such an early hour. He really connected with the audience. And since it's an election year now, the room was filled with elected officials and candidates excited just to be introduced.

Tonight I went to see an intriguing show called "Suburban Motel" by George F. Walker at The Complex on Theater Row in Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard.

I didn't know much about the show going in, and was completely impressed. It's actually two short plays, "Problem Child" and "Criminal Genius," both of which are set in the same room at a seedy fleabag of a motel.

The script is really well written and the cast is great. Once each act begins they really take off like a rocket. Act One is about a married couple staying in the hotel room as they attempt to get their child back after she was put into foster care by the county.

Act Two is about a group of criminals who just can't pull it together -- including a father and son team committed to non-violent crime.

Both acts feature the same motel manager -- a barely functioning alcoholic, well played by Steven O. Price, who also directed the show.

I laughed through gritted teeth.

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