Sunday, January 29, 2006

Everyone's a Critic

Saw the incomparable Audra McDonald in concert tonight at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

In a surprising move for a performer who has won 4 Tonys (3 before she was 30), McDonald sang nearly all new music -- rather than Broadway standards.

Incidentally, I was fortunate enough to see three of her Tony Award winning performances -- Carousel, Master Class and Ragtime. I missed out on seeing her in A Raisin in the Sun.

McDonald started the show by sharing a fantasy with the audience -- she wanted to come out and start singing, "The sun'll come out tomorrow..." just to see how many people would get up and leave. (Andrea McArdle originated the role of Annie on Broadway.)

Between songs she talked a little about her personal life. She's a native Californian who grew up in Fresno. Her young daughter isn't a fan of her singing -- once telling McDonald, "your singing makes my ears cry."

No crying ears tonight at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, just lots and lots of applause, two encores and three standing ovations.
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