Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back Home in the Suburbs

Made it back home to Los Angeles tonight. I was in front of my TV before the end of the first half of the Rose Bowl. But with my jetlag, I fell asleep before the game was over. Now that I've caught up with the score I guess it's just as well. Congratulations to the one Texas fan I know -- Matt Randazzo.

For the "It's a Small World" files: One of the flight attendants on my flight from Heathrow to Chicago recognized me from the London Metropole Hotel. It turns out we both went to see the same show Tuesday night and he noticed me taking the tube back to the same hotel where he was staying. And then he saw me on his flight. What are the chances of that? Of course I used it as an opportunity to complain about the London Metropole Hotel. My latest complaint was I didn't receive the wake-up call I'd asked for on Tuesday morning. Turns out neither did most of the flight crew.

On Tuesday afternoon I saw a matinee of "Edward Scissorhands," Matthew Bourne's latest dance drama. I was completely blown away by this show at Sadler's Wells. About accepting and rejecting people who are different, the story was beautifully told through dance. I hope it will transfer and tour the States. Posted by Picasa

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