Saturday, March 05, 2005

Well That's Over, Mercifully

The Trojans Men's Basketball season came to an end tonight with a victory -- 78 to 68 over the Oregon State Beavers. Too bad the game was essentially pointless since the Trojans were eliminated from the Pac-10 tournament on Thursday.

The crowd at the Sports Arena was pretty lackluster -- although the seniors received a nice salute before the game and the benchwarmers got a loud cheer when they came into the game with a minute to go.

I won't miss hearing loud-mouth Petros Papadakis as the arena announcer. I've never listened to his talk radio show, but his personality seems better suited to "hot talk" on sports radio than announcing a game.

The Craven twins (Erick and Derrick) played a game that lived up to their reputation when they signed to USC. Too bad it was their final game as Trojans.

And Greg Guenther -- who gave up football the year the Trojans became national champions to focus instead on basketball -- appeared to get a little frustration out on one foul that sent a Beaver player skidding across the floor.

A good time was had by all.

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