Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hold the Rimshot

Sometimes life in Los Angeles really does seem like a bad movie. Counting the ballots in our city elections was delayed last night because fog grounded the five helicopters used to fly ballots downtown from the hinterlands. Truck convoys had to be quickly assembled to deliver the ballots in fire-proof bags. Where's Bruce Willis when you need him?

Saw "Walk on Water" tonight at the Sunset 5 movie theater. It's an Israeli thriller about the hunt for hiding Nazis. I liked it except the COMPLETELY unbelievable "can't we all get along" ending.

My car sounded funny on the way to the gym this morning. And it sure felt weird going around corners. I guess the flat tire explains it. Don't know where I picked up that nail. But the Auto Club came in less than 20 minutes to change it. So they are good for more than maps.

As Dan Rather USED to say, "Courage."

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