Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Getting Lapped By Kitty

Kitty Carlisle Hart -- who is 92 years old -- famously goes out every night in New York City. That's why it's with regret that I report I stayed home tonight.

I had planned on seeing the 7:45 p.m. show of Woody Allen's new film "Melinda and Melinda" at the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood. But my plan was foiled by the lousy service at the 101 Cafe, where I stopped for dinner beforehand. I still almost made it, but the cross-Hollywood traffic was miserable. And since ArcLight has a "no late seating" policy as part of its effort to create a "deluxe" moving going experience, I gave up and turned towards home with two blocks to go at 7:46.

At home I read some magazines, caught some shows on TiVo and watch tonight's re-enactment of the Michael Jackson trial on E!

Celebrity Sighting: Saw former California State Controller Kathleen Connell driving west on Pico while I was driving east. (Traffic was creeping along.) She appeared to be lecturing her sullen teenage son. Better him than all Californians. Seeing her reminded me: where's my state income tax refund check? My guess is if she were still the Controller the state wouldn't offer direct deposit of refund checks. I think having her name on the check and outside the envelope would be too important to her.

I read tonight that Sharyn Lane has passed away. Lane was the longtime produce of several Del Shores shows. I met her a couple of times when I pleaded to squeeze me and my friends into some hit show or another. She always found a way to accommodate us. R.I.P.

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jimsivesind said...

Death is becoming a big part of your blog. Check out today's LA Times article about Greg Stevens. Lane must have been relatively young. As for Kitty Carlisle, I always preferred Bill Cullen and Peggy Cass on To Tell The Truth. Kitty's furs scared me too much.