Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Swanky Place

Celebrity Sighting: Saw Philip Hernandez, the actor who plays Juan Peron in the touring company of "Evita," at the gym this morning. (Yes, I actually went.) He looks less intimidating in a tank top and shorts than he does in his Argentine military costume.

I was happy to see on 60 Minutes that Hilary Swank ended her evening on Oscar Night with a burger at Astro Burgers -- about 3 blocks from where I live. Burgers and movie roles -- you know how to pick 'em, Boss.


jimsivesind said...

I thought from the title of your latest posting that you were referring to Rui's apartment. As for Juan Peron, let me know when you see Magaldi on the treadmill.

jimsivesind said...
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