Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm in Pajamas Too

I guess everyone is blogging now. I read in today's New York Times that even Rosie O'Donnell is publishing a blog.

And she even posts several times a day. (I find it hard enough to post once a day.)

Oddly, Rosie writes the entire thing like a song lyric or a poem. (Maybe she's hoping for some poetic justice.)

I find it very hard to read. Rosie: It's called a sentence. Use it!

Enjoyed seeing "Be Cool" tonight at Graumman's Chinese Theater. I'll see just about any movie about life in Los Angeles. I like to think I'm good at playing the "spot the location" game. In "Be Cool" the Russian-Mob Pawn Shop is about a block away from where I live on Sunset Boulevard. And if you look closely you can spot El Coyote -- one of my favorite restaurants -- across the street in the opening scenes.

After hearing about it for over a week, I finally caught E!'s reenactment of the Michael Jackson trial tonight. They use actors and actual court transcripts. I guess there's a production delay because tonight the Michael Jackson actor was wearing a "suit," while everyone knows by now that Jackson spent today in court in his pajamas.

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