Monday, June 16, 2008

Justifying the Numbers

My theater buddy, Renee Rose, and I had a blast at tonight's Tony Awards. And we both thought Whoopi Goldberg did an excellent job as the host. (She's no Hugh Jackman, but still a fine host.)

So, I didn't do so hot on my Tony predictions this year -- I got 16 out of 26 right for a 62% accuracy rate. This compares unfavorably to my 72% accuracy rate (18 out of 25) last year.

HOWEVER, it is far superior to how I did in 2006 when I only got 9 out of 24 (38%) right.

My big mistake this year was failing to recognize the revival of "South Pacific" as the juggernaut that it ended up being. That's the only show I really wanted to see while I was here but couldn't get a ticket to -- all the performances were completely sold out while I was in New York. (I suppose the fact it's such a hot ticket should have been my first clue.)

And obviously the lesson, if I want to improve my prediction accuracy, is to see more theater in the next year.
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Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Ted, If only I had known you were going to be there. Maybe next year?!