Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Helping

The TSA at the Denver International Airport is trying something interesting. Passengers clearing security are asked to choose one of three lines based on the speed they expect to go through the line.

Frequent travelers are to use the "Expert" line. A different line is available for those less familiar with TSA rules for carry-on luggage. And finally families with children have a third line available.

Of course, the entire system is based on self-awareness -- something lacking in many Americans.

For instance, the "expert" in line in front of me was angry he couldn't take a giant bottle of mouthwash on his airplane. He got even angrier as the TSA Agent searching his bag told him he could only have one quart size bag holding liquids of 3 ounces or less, not two.

Held up behind him I loudly muttered, to no one in particular, "I thought this was the 'Expert' line."

While "Expert" kept complaining I thanked the TSA Agent for working to keep us all safe and for enforcing the rules. I turned to "Expert" and reminded him there are bad people in the world trying to do bad things to us.

He said, "Gimme a break." And I replied, "the line for people needing a break is over there," pointing to the amateur line.

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