Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Cry Baby," based on the John Waters movie of the same name, is nominated for Best Musical and I caught it Friday night at the Marquis Theater.

The critics weren't kind when this show opened, and I think they got it wrong. I enjoy Waters subversive sense of humor and thought this show perfectly captured it. (How often do you run across a musical with a song saluting the fun of kissing with tongue?)

It's a classic tale of the struggle between the bad kids (like Hatchet Face) and the squares.

As always, Harriet Harris lights up the stage every second she's on it.

Her 11 o'clock number, "I Did Something Wrong...Once" stopped the show.

I don't think this show is going to get much love at the Tonys (other than Best Choreography) but I hope theatergoers don't overlook it.
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