Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Erection Day!

If you're reading this in California: did you vote today? Or are you part of the 75% of California's registered voters who (I predict) couldn't be bothered with voting on this beautiful summer day?

Our State Legislature split the primary this year: we voted for presidential candidates in February and today we're voting for state legislative, congressional and local government contests. In other words, except in a few political hot spots, "Who Cares?"

The State Legislature argued by moving up California's presidential vote we would finally "finally matter" in the primaries. (That was their public posture. The truth is the split primary was a failed attempt to extend legislative term limits. But the February ballot measure which would have allowed more legislative incumbents to run in today's primary failed and terms limits remained unchanged.)

So imagine how much California would have "mattered" had we held our Presidential primary today -- at least on the Democratic side. I wonder if the Legislature will leave the split primary as is or if they'll change it for the presidential election four years from now.

But enough about politics....what a dreary topic for this blog!

Went to see the "Sex and the City" juggernaut last night. If you are a fan of the TV show, you'll love the movie. It's just like an episode of the show on steroids -- in a good way. And if you aren't into the show I can't imagine you'll enjoy the movie. Me? Fan of the TV show = loved the movie.
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