Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well I Didn't

Went to see the new Douglas Carter Beane (As Bees in Honey Drown) play "The Little Dog Laughed" tonight.

It's about a Hollywood agent and her movie star client she's trying to keep in the closet for his career's sake. I went into the theater fully expecting to enjoy this play and came out hating it.

It was offensive and trite. The gay "jokes" basically consisted of different gay slurs.

Julie White (best known as the rival mortician, Mitzi Dalton Huntley, on "Six Feet Under") has received critical acclaim for her portrayal of a talent agent who spits verbal nails. I thought her role was funny for about the first five minutes -- then it got really old. In fact, that was the problem with much of the comedy -- something that was funny at first turned annoying when it was repeated over and over.

Let the horse die. Stop beating it. It's a dying horse. Leave it be. Don't beat it. Because it's dying already. (I'm still not laughing.)
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