Thursday, December 28, 2006

Caught the Wednesday afternoon matinee of "The Apple Tree" starring Broadway-treasure Kristin Chenoweth.

It's a musical made up of three short stories focusing on love and knowledge.

I could watch Chenoweth talk on the telephone and I'd be entertained. And you haven't seen musical comedy until you've seen Kristin Chenoweth work a bullwhip on stage.

I was seated next to two women-of-a-certain age who were bored with the first act (Mark Twain's story of Adam and Eve). I guess they weren't as prepared as I was to worship at the feet of Kristin Chenoweth. But the second act (The Lady or the Tiger? and Passionella - A Romance of the '60s) saved the show for them.

The show is running at the legendary Studio 54 -- famous for it's disco days but now converted into a theater (actually I think it was built as a theater, then became a disco). I asked the ladies sitting next to me if they used to come to Studio 54 in it's disco days. One seemed a little shocked and said, "No!" The other one said, at the same time, "Yes, of course. You remember us." I assured her it was only because they hadn't changed a bit. Posted by Picasa

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